Ranking On Amazon (FBA) – Multi-Language PPC (Sponsored Ads) with Franz Jordan – Session 008

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The focus is on multi-language PPC and cross border selling in europe on Amazon FBA. International selling private label can be difficult to break into and optimization to translate keywords for pan-eu product listings can hit the language barrier.

Cross-border PPC can be very difficult especially for translations and keyword research on multi-language ppc campaigns and Amazon sponsored ads.

The translation of listings and how to deal with different marketplaces across the european Amazon market is what we’re focussing on and bringing translation and european keyword research tools to help.

The language barrier is one challenge but the language alone needs context as there are also cultural norms that can impact. For instance ‘pants’ means one thing in the US and very different thing in the UK and that’s just in English speaking countries. The free sonar-tool.com tool for Amazon Sellers can help.

Sonar Keyword Research tool

  • Based only on Amazon
  • 180,000,000 keywords from Amazon
  • Real search terms from Amazon sellers
  • Crawled all these keywords for all the different marketplaces

Translate Language input

  • Translate feature
  • Enter keyword in your native language and then choose the output language
  • Suggestions are then based on Amazon only keywords
  • You quickly get a long-list of keywords in your target language
  • You still don’t know what those keywords are
  • Click on the target language keyword and Sonar will show you the products that are ranking for that keyword in your target market
  • Then click on the product for a reverse ASIN and get a list of all the keywords the product is ranking for
  • I could do Italian keyword research without speaking Italian
  • No limits on the number of reverse ASINs you can do – no credits needed

Keyword Feature

  • 3 ways to search for keywords
    • Simple Search for keywords
      • Long list of keywords as a very comprehensive autocomplete search
      • All the results include all the keywords you were searching for but you don’t get synonyms
    • Extended feature
      • In this search you will also get synonyms (a longer list)
      • It goes a bit broader
    • Reverse ASIN lookup
      • Enter an ASIN from a competitor or best seller
      • Then you get a long list of the keywords that this product is ranking for
  • The data in the database is generated from Amazon
  • There is a keyword search volume indicator too not based on Google search volumes and guessing the amazon search volume
  • Sonar has created an algo that measures popularity of the keyword compared to other keywords
  • Can’t tell how many times the keyword is searched but it can tell you if it’s more popular than another keyword
  • We have defined 5 different categories for search volume
  • This is a guide to help your keyword research


Competitive Research for multi-language PPC

  • You want to see what the competitor listing is saying
  • Find a starting keyword (in English) to get it in your target language
  • Franz has has some poor results from Google Translate when researching for multi-language ppc
  • Use Sonar to translate the English word into your target language
  • Then in SOnar click on the German Keyword and see the reelvant products ranking
  • Then click on the image of the product and see the keywords that product is ranking for
  • Results are still in ‘German’ and then you can use Google Translate to view the words to get the context
  • So you use leo.org or google translate to confirm the context in the target language
  • Things like ‘glass’ and ‘glasses’ is difficult to translate correctly


Growing your Amazon Business into European Markets

  • You have maxed out your current home market and so to grow you would go international
  • Advantages are you increase your sales volume on the one product
  • Cheaper sourcing as its higher volume
  • No increase in listings to manage
  • Translate your existing amazon ppc keywords to new markets
  • European marketplace at least the competition is very low compared to the US market
  • Selling in other countries is not as difficult as some smaller sellers might think
  • VAT is a big turn-off for some sellers who are outside Europe
  • US Sales Tax is a complex and difficult to navigate
  • Europe has 5 states but US has 50 states with different taxations

Amazon European Market Sizes

  • Marketplace sizes are Amazon US then Germany then UK then Japan
  • Spanish, Italian and French marketplaces are there
  • Germany is roughly 20% of US volume
  • UK plus Germany is 35%
  • Add in the other European Amazon markets and it’s 70% of the US Amazon sales volume
  • Improve your sales by 70% on one product by going internationally
  • Some put up the listing but don’t optimise the listing or put the work into it for PPC campaigns etc.

Auto and Manual PPC campaigns for Amazon ads

  • No major difference between auto and manual campaigns when in a non-home market for your Amazon ads
  • One Seller Central account for all your European Amazon activities
  • Everything looks the same and is in English from a Seller Central interface perspective
  • Just enter the Amazon ppc and listing keywords in the target language
  • Same mechanisms and Amazon strategies for your current marketplace apply

Optimising the Amazon ads campaigns for Multi-Language PPC

  • Get context by taking keyword and searching in Amazon or Sonar and see the products that show up
  • If they are similar to yours then you know you’re onto the right context
  • There is still some manual work needed for effective multi-language ppc campaigns
  • Ideally you want to just look at the data and make your decision but it’s not quite there yet
  • There is still judgement required


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