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Ranking On Walmart (The Wild West For Amazon Sellers)

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Anthony Lee is speaking on Ranking on Walmart and goes through the Walmart platform, how it is the wild west right now and how sellers can take advantage of the less mature marketplace right away

  • Is Walmart like the Wild West – Goole in 1994…
  • Mostly big brands and not so many little guys playing the game
  • Walmart not caught up with Sellers being sneaky and conniving
  • Have to so something extreme to get suspended – they’re just not there in their maturity

The Setup on Walmart is like Google 1994

  • No backend search-terms
  • everything is on-page SEO
  • Very little between the title and the Amazon listing – looks the same
  • Slots for images, price and reviews
  • Walmart follows the same format as eBay – on-page SEO is important
  • Keyword density matters much more so
  • Using keywords in your title is king
  • A well optimised page stands out like a sore thumb on Walmart – they are not there yet
  • No tools out there for Walmart as yet

Finding Best Sellers

  • Not the most well organised
  • Not the best place to start your search for a ‘best seller’ or for product research on products
  • Looks similar to Amazon with badges but not ‘best seller’ more like ‘clearance’ badge is the focus
  • Best seller in garlic press has 2 Star reviews – so can’t be the best

How to – Ranking on Walmart

  • The site looks a bit eBay and is a bit clumsy right now
  • Trying to be more like Amazon – have a new bullets section
  • Placing stuff in rank by trends and popularity so use Amazon data or Google Data for keywords
  • Actual on Walmart research would be to check the reviews – if you find one with reviews then it’s a popular category on Walmart
  • Compared to Amazon the Walmart algorithm is old-school for ranking on Walmart
  • Some forums claim there’s a Super URL but Anthony’s search has not found it
  • The more dense the keyword the more sales come through – very inefficient but easy to rank right now
  • Got a page to rank with nothing but fake reviews
  • Both good and bad for sellers
  • Discount promos for 3 x Products nad all three took less than 15 sales and made it to Page 1 for multiple keywords

Launch on Walmart

  • Pulled the optimised listing for Amazon to Walmart
  • Price-rollback for the promo less than 55% to spur sales
  • Discount in place took the link to the product (nothing fancy) the canonical URL and ran blasts through SixLeaf
  • Put the deal on ‘our deals’ and ran it through the audience and got 10 sales for a $16 product
  • Within 4 days it was ranking on Walmart and got upto line 4 on page 1
  • Repeated the same thing with 3 variations
  • Variations are treated separately on Walmart
  • Got as low as 5 to 20 sales a day
  • Super simple rudimentary stuff and worked well
  • Manually go an grab the encrypted email addresses of buyers and used GMail to send a BCC line to feedback
  • The email you sue to sign-up you can send emails from that email address
  • Snag the encrypted email address and put it in your email address – with a followup email body in there and Walmart will send it out

Ask your List for Reviews!

  • Price is public to everybody – so keep an eye on your promotions and adjust as needed
  • If you have your own list – then promote to them and say get it cheaper on Walmart and ask for reviews
  • WIld-Wild West

PPC on Walmart

  • Not used sponsored ads on the platform yet as is new and a couple months old as a platform

Not for Everyone

  • If you fulfil a need on the platform and people want your product then it will work for you
  • Walmart will get more buyers in the future
  • Amazon’s long term storage fees hurt – if you’re only under Amazon’s roof without wider fulfilment then you should experiment outside



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