Ranking Organically with Amazon PPC

Michael Hartman speaks on ranking organically.

  • Using ‘push campaigns’ for two years
  • 3-4 campaigns on single keywords doing broad, exact and phrase doing different bid allotments under each one
  • On certain campaigns the broad will perform better, others the phrase will be better and others the exact will perform better
  • This gives the exact cost of what’s needed and pause the least performing so not losing as much
  • Don’t do ‘just’ exact as noticed when doing the broad and the phase it is growing the long tails drastically
  • If you can grow the long tails it pushes up your main keyword
  • Low comp. rank in few days, medium in 3 weeks and high competition still needs launch strategy

Shared Ranking Love to Long Tail Keywords

  • Difficult to do this method when you have multiple variations
  • The broad and the phrase help with the main keyword because of the variations on the search term they become the longer tail of the main keyword
  • Put a product on the Amazon marketplace and it has no history
  • When you do the exact match with a single keyword and get a load of other keywords and put them in the tracker on day one
  • They are in the 300 range
  • When sales come in on the exact match keyword you find the longer tail versions also start ranking as well

Push the Three PPC Pillars

  • Spending money on broad and phrase match is good for discovery
  • Danny’s method just uses the marketplace tools with Amazon data to get search volume and relevance of the keywords as benchmark for conversion history
  • Michael’s pushing the long tail and all three pillars which pushes it up faster for more conversions and clicks, traffic is better
  • Launching it harder
  • Can’t spend $100/200/day push them into the long tails where the broad and the phrase come in
  • Danny gets traction by doing Facebook giveaways with 90% discount for the keyword on the storefront url to get traction

Variations Launching

  • Launching with 27 variations
  • Throw all the variations into one push campaign for a week and see what Amazon defines as the best variation
  • Which has the best ACoS, most sales and best conversion rate
  • Take that variation out and put into its own campaign to push for ranking organically
  • PPC sales around 60% of overall sales with ACoS of 40%
  • ACoS will drop down to 10% on some that are active a longer time
  • Newer campaigns are 60-70% and whittle down over time
  • Launching these with no reviews


  • Drop the price
  • Plus do a voucher with an amount off (not a % off)
  • Gives you the orange tick on the search pages
  • Look at average price of the page and bring it below market value
  • You’ve got the premium product but selling at 20% less
  • Even without reviews was converting every sixth click
  • As reviews are coming in got down to every three clicks without changing the price
  • Then taper off the bids and reduce
  • Start at 95% sales are PPC and then taper off to start to bring the ACoS down and bringing up the price
  • Good way to test if the price will stick as the price goes up and keep your sales for profitability

Clean Beta Account

  • Beta account in-house used to test strategies and show clients the seller legend data and walk them through the ranking and no reviews with PPC only, no giveaways
  • Keep this account as white hat as possible for ranking organically
  • Don’t know what Amazon is doing so keeping it clean and long-term

Tracking & Tools

  • On certain keywords will leave the campaigns running and using tools to monitor for ranking organically
  • ASIN spy for keywords and best seller badge
  • Using Helium10 too
  • Maintain targets but trim down PPC and if it affects ranking then put it back
  • Some keywords need to spend $50 / day or lose $500/day

Michael’s Approach to Ranking Organically

  • Doing 4 campaigns
  • Doing same keyword with broad, phrase and exact
  • Different bids with different bid increments in those
  • funneling from there those campaigns
  • Only having either Broad, Phrase or Exact in one campaign and keeping three out of the four and scaling it big time
  • When it reaches target then trim back on bids, if profitable then let it run


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