The Rise of Chat Bots for Amazon Sellers

Paul Harvey comes to talk chat bots for Amazon and what bot marketing is doing.

  • The landscape is changing at such a fast rate
  • They are growing all over and 27% of US adults will buy basic products through a chat bot
  • Also 13% will buy an expensive product through a chat bot
  • In 2015 mobile messaging apps (whatsapp, wechat, ms messenger, etc) overtook social media use
  • People are on these more than social – the chat bots of amazon are big business
  • By 2020, over 80% of businesses will have some type of chat bot automation

Cambridge Analytica Scandal

  • They found a loop hole in Facebook’s algorithms and were able to sway people’s opinions – 60m in the USA
  • Facebook didn’t like it
  • Facebook then dropped the hammer and added a load of more permissions etc.
  • Amazon did the same thing with incentivized reviews
  • Facebook are cleaning out all the spammy facebook bots and good quality bots are coming through
  • This will help customers have more faith in Facebook

Bots Changes on Facebook

  • Dec last year the Messenger bots were the Wild West with no rules
  • Messenger bots can send a daily automated message – but some people don’t want these messages and they can’t stop them
  • Facebook have now added more permissions in place – Devs now need to apply for permissions from Facebook to do these messages
  • This is Good as if everyone spams on Messenger then users will drop away – currently at 80% open rates
  • If you’re developing chat bots for Amazon and bot software then you have more hurdles to get over with FB now

In-bot Payments

  • Only in the US with a Facebook Messenger bot you can take payments through the Bot itself
  • All automated in Facebook Messenger
  • Amazon Sellers want to get off-Amazon and are turning to chat bots for Amazon to achieve it
  • Messenger is now a ‘bridge’ off of Amazon
  • If you normally speak to your subscribers on Messenger and you send them to Amazon to make the purchase – once they’ve made the purchase they trust you
  • We can now take payments in the bot software without sending them to Amazon, and we have all their details and addresses with an 80% open rate
  • In the UK 60% know what a chat bot is and prefer talking with them as they make things easier

Ad Manager

  • Jeff Bezos created AWS as a platform for people to create software and this is now a big income stream for Amazon
  • Facebook have opened up their ad manager platform for messages doing the same thing. You can now use workflow with Messenger bots and re-market back to them.
  • They see the growth of Messenger and can do more with Facebook ads

Batch ranking

  • Test on ten Amazon products with 70% off and thrown them into one bot focussed on Amazon products
  • Facebook Ad says sign up here to get 90% off Amazon products and it opens up the Messenger Bot
  • It opens and gives them 10 products with 70% off discount
  • But people can’t choose between the ten products and they take just one or two
  • Give the customer too many options and it doesn’t work

Messenger Small Micro-messages

  • People have the memory of a Goldfish
  • Paul has an image for every single product to catch their eye
  • Products that are most successful are most giftable and impulsive
  • They got all the clicks
  • Water bottles and backpacks didn’t get s much love

Storefront URL versus Product Page Links

  • Testing currently
  • Traffic from FB Messenger to Amazon – FB is an authoritative site
  • Sending a load of Storferont URLs straight to Amazon to test if it will make it rank faster as Amazon thinks it’s coming from Social Media and is going viral
  • Instructing the end user to do a ‘search and buy’ with a gift at the end
  • Try and get the customer to search for the product – this is the most effective strategy
  • But it works really well – but need to up ad spend for the higher drop offs

Pixels in Bots

  • From Messenger to Amazon I don’t use any type of URL changes there – want Amazon to see traffic going directly from Facebook to Amazon
  • The button they click before they go to Amazon when they request a coupon code – that button is pixeled and this is groomed for all the people that like the specific product to re-market them


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