Roundtable Part 1:Kevin King, Sean Smith and Liran Hirschkorn

Kevin King, Sean Smith and Liran are here for a roundtable

  • Liran is like a vampire and never sleeps
  • Kevin with his horse in Texas
  • Liran in NY
  • Sean hasn’t left his house for a week! He’s here for the roundtable.


  • Multiple indexes
  • Whole listing not indexing with parent child across multiple part variations showing zero for organic indexing
  • Can use Amalyze to check indexing
  • Most of your sales are off 3-5 keywords specifically
  • Kick-start for relevancy for keywords – use it in PPC exact match and use outside traffic to send it
  • Try to get Amazon to recognise the relevancy

Test for Non-Indexing

  • Using Amalyze
  • Should check on multiple browsers
  • Try a VPN for testing too
  • Also try incognito browsers too
  • Using a launch partner for getting it out there might be a check for indexing to keywords is a good idea

Banned List of Keywords

  • Best of and Free, etc.. are some covered by this roundtable
  • A screen grab from Amazon helped with:
  • Percentage off, added value, active faster, award winning – these just won’t index in most cases
  • Same as enhanced brand content words…


  • You can tune your own VPN for access
  • You can use HostWinds for a virtual host
  • Then also use Jump Desktop with every brand with its own little logo for the Vas – ensures they don’t log into the wrong account
  • Do the 80/20 role – don’t need a VPN and go into business. Just go on who runs the cashflow and 80/20 goes to who bank rolls it
  • Needs a lot of trust in your partner to do this
  • Worry about the cross-over and explaining with Amazon
  • Recommend you get permission up front and save the authorisation and the aggro with Amazon
  • To avoid getting banned – ask Seller-Performance@Amazon is the route and say your controller/book-keeper to separate financials says to open a separate account for finance permissions – agency jump in and out of accounts so should be okay
  • User permissions is usually okay with Amazon


  • Nothing in terms of service to cover incentivising reviews
  • Facebook ads to Messenger and uploading to ads and send to your listing
  • Competitors and Amazon monitor this behaviour – not worth risking it
  • Grey – hold a contest and give away – free bag of dog treats to whoever posts a vide on the product page with a review and a hash tag on social media
  • This works really well but you need sales in advance to build the list
  • You can’t blame all your bad reviews on competition – really do a review of your own product performance, you NEED a good product

PPC for Q4

  • PPC look at last year’s data – when did conversions dip
  • Post-Christmas this happens
  • Try and come with a patterns for days where there is an impact on last year’s data
  • Increase budgets by circa 20%-ish (be conservative with it)
  • The alternative is making sure you bring it back down too
  • 25% for converting keywords but work your own numbers don’t listen to Amazon’s emails saying 4x Your Bids…

New Products

  • Correlation between heavy PPC spend and ranking
  • Do customers go heavy with PPC to get ranking?
  • Foundation:
    • Have a good product
    • Have a good product research methodology – how to compete in your market
    • Makes PPC a lot easier
  • Helium 10 is a great tool for this right now – making your research a lot better
  • Clear up all your old discovery campaigns
  • Prepare your listings for Q4 on images with bows of Christmas strings etc – with offers mentioned and then your listings too

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