Roundtable Part 2:Kevin King, Sean Smith and Liran Hirschkorn

Roundtable part 2 with Liran, Kevin and Sean

New PPC Launches in Q4

  • Sean will be launching something new – he has aggressive clients
  • Kevin does not recommend launching into November and beyond
  • Depending on the category you’re in, you can go 3x to 10x and that’s reflected in your clicks and ad spend and eduction in the amount of clicks to conversion
  • Different to a quiet time in Summer when demand is quite low says our roundtable experts
  • And it takes longer to rank using PPC on keywords than it does with giveaways

Launching in Q4

  • Take advantage of variations on your listing – especially Q4
  • Launch some seasonal products and just use PPC instead of a launch
  • Seasonal products don’t have much competition
  • Kevin is going for a big seasonal project next year
  • Go for a product that you can sell outside of the seasons too though
  • A valentines card you will sell seasonally for 3 weeks of the year and nothing outside that
  • A Teddy bear packaged for Valentines can be sold seasonally to get sales, the same bear can be sold all year round without the Valentine’s slant and continue to make sales reducing your risk
  • Use CamelCamelCamel and Keeper to check when products are picking
  • You can see when your competitors went from 5 per day to 10, 15 per day to plan your ordering and shipping and ride the wave
  • Consider doing variations
  • Encourage coupons to buy multiples

Bidding for Q4

  • Sean has been conservative for the bids as everyone else is very aggressive
  • He uses 25% maybe upto 50% for some
  • Be sure of the target you want to spend through that day
  • Set good foundations and metrics
  • Christmas – bidding for keywords doesn’t seem to work well
  • Mothers and Fathers day seems to work better on keywords
  • Sean doesn’t do much ‘appending’ for seasonal sales
  • There’s not so much search volume on ‘cyber Monday’ or ‘black Friday’ – not like Mothers day and Fathers day
  • Appending products (i.e. Cyber Monday [your product]) to these terms is not great for search volume

Relationship Campaigns

  • Relationship campaigns “gifts for [him | her | uncle, etc]” are a good route says the roundtable
  • Type of keywords dictates the match type used for the search term
  • Better converting search terms get three match types for them
  • Lower converting get phrase and board with lower bids
  • Average CPC by match type by SKU is the starting point to work out multiples
  • If its super general then we run it at phrase and broad and lower bids to test and see what works
  • Kevin focuses on profitability rather than ACoS
  • PPC should be around 20% of sales
  • If a product is costing $15 to make a sale and sold 5 products and one was PPC then that’s fine
  • Just spread the $3 cost across all of the 5 sales to reflect the PPC cost
  • A higher ACoS can lead to more profitability – it can be misleading

Analyse your Numbers

  • ACoS is only the opener to more analysis of your sales
  • Delve down into the other metrics to suss out what’s going on with your product
  • You need to test to do PPC – and it costs you money to get the data to analyse
  • Sales and growth on the account are important

Lightning Deals

  • Kevin will do them non-seasonal but find them hit or miss
  • Too cluttered and crowded unless on a holiday
  • Amazon daily deals – Kevin done one recently and they are only invitation to get into
  • Best Deals is different to deal of the day – it’s for 2 weeks and you have to discount upto 15%
  • Might get increased conversions on your listing as a result
  • It’s not keyword driven but you can get a Halo effect from the traffic
  • Liran has had good results from Best Deals

How to get Reviews

  • Getting reviews in Europe
  • Get Amazon to transfer the listings from US to EU – but when you get your first reviews in the new country the previous reviews disappear
  • Same strategies used in EU as in US
  • Good quality product, good inserts, facebook ads to the audience, what you do today will transfer
  • Only 1-2% of customers leave reviews
  • Generate a lot of sales and you will get reviews


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