Seller Sessions 100 Special – Amazon Heavy Hitters (Round Table) Part3

Amazon Heavy hitters part three with the best advice.

Worst Amazon advice [you’ve given]

  • More keen on go build a website and build a brand – but don’t build the brand on Amazon first
  • Launched 5 brands when first started and fully developing them and was a total waste of time
  • Audits – were inaccurate and didn’t hit the numbers back in the day but much better now
  • How to hack browse nodes through the flat file (back in the day) and it was bad advice as it was against ToS

People Losing Reviews

  • Parent Child relationships is the key here
  • 20 Products under one parent product with shared reviews but that’s being fixed by Amazon
  • Sellers were putting non-related products all under the same listing to share reviews
  • So each individual child shows its own reviews
  • Saw a review that a week ago had 10,000 reviews two weeks ago to just 7 now!
  • People were finding old or dead products with reviews and then merging them with their products for reviews
  • NOW: Every ASIN earns its own reviews

Reviews only last 12 months?

  • Would it be nice for Amazon to put a best before date on reviews? A trailing 12 months
  • Would this level the playing fields and give a better customer experience?
  • The Big Brands and Amazon Heavy Hitters may not like this as much though
  • If smaller guys can take a bigger share of market share from big brand Amazon heavy hitters – they might start caring and focus Amazon’s view?
  • Could Amazon then tell Big Brands to just advertise more?
  • If Amazon capped it at 500+ would the be enough, to help new innovative brands can then compete
  • A benefit to search results
  • If you do have 10k reviews – time to sell your brand if Amazon does make this change will you not lose value in your brand?

Tailored Reviews on sub-category of User

  • What if they ‘tailored’ the reviews so that it was profiled by user
  • So a tennis racket might be scored 4 stars but might also show that users that are tennis players score it only 3.1 stars

What is volume of reviews was removed

  • Just lose the volume and got for quality – less volume gives you a higher percentage of stars

Amazon Exclusives Programme

  • Liran visited Amazon HQ
  • Amazon want to feature smaller sellers on their showcase
  • They filmed 16 Sellers over 2 days on their experience and their stories
  • The 3P API is much better than the 1P API – more vendors have the advantage to move to the 3rd Party
  • Amazon might use 3rd Party FBA as a contingency against Amazon going out of stock
  • EBC Templates rollout is a new feature he mentioned
  • Deal of the Day – Amazon will be doing this for Amazon
  • The networking is a great benefit anytime you can go to Amazon HQ

Well Done Danny

  • Great feedback on the engagement that interviewees receive from being on the Podcast – thanks to all our Interviewees and our great audience over the last 100 shows


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