Seller Sessions 100 Special – Amazon Heavy Hitters (Round Table) Part 2

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The second part of the Amazon Heavy Hitters Show.

Selling at Full Price from Facebook

  • At seasonal times with the right product then you can – Fathers Day, Christmas, Easter, etc
  • It’s time sensitive – Easter, you when know they will buy it and so better chance
  • Doing it on courses on Facebook is working
  • If it’s a prospecting list then it’s to build rank
  • If it’s going back to previous customers that have bought before then yes full price
  • But mostly use Facebook to shape how you appear on Amazon than for selling
  • Used Facebook to ask for help to counter some poor reviews and got a bunch of reviews from fans


  • Amazon Sellers under-utilise the power of Facebook
  • Don’t take advantage of the data given with Amazon and tying it into Facebook – use software to build custom audiences that you can target
  • Missing a major opportunity as don’t understand how to do the ads and target the audiences


  • Everyone is obsessed with it
  • In isolation it can be very damaging for your account
  • Wanting to take ACoS from 40% to 30% – but it would have lost them 40% of their sales as they come from PPC
  • It’s arbitrary to an extent as depending on your business you may want 10% to 50% ACoS
  • Aggressive sellers will have higher ACoS
  • Use it to spin the organic sales flywheel to get it spinning
  • Average Order Value is a good number to know to determine what you need to convert for
  • Product age from where in the cycle the product is early, mid-stage or late – late stage ACoS needs to be lower than early stage
  • ACoS is a good starting point but it’s not everything – use the other numbers too

Amazon CPA model

  • Amazon is coming out with a CPS model
  • Where you can set your ACoS – trying to make it easier for Buyers
  • Pay per sale and not per click – like eBay does it (I’ll pay $5 per sale)

Get the Product Right upfront

  • Regardless of the PPC system Amazon heavy hitters benefit from a great product upfront
  • Selling spatulas for $12.99 with a Cost per Click of $5 is not good
  • Product market fit and product quality itself
  • After that it’s a lot easier to tune

PPC Automation

  • Using software but not sure what’s going on in the algorithms?
  • You click to ‘lower your ACoS’ but missing out on the bigger picture
  • Using the automation is not the always the safest bet
  • A lot of value in manual work in PPC – downloading the search term report (seen a new colour of the product and added as a variation)
  • Total sales versus my PPC spend, keep an eye on the overall picture to be an Amazon heavy hitters
  • Automation can add layers of complexity for the calculations behind the controls
  • Bidding automation seems to work well to up the bid if you’re not getting enough clicks or lowering if the ACoS is really high
  • Bid automation is different in the Summer than the Winter and how do you adjust your bid formulas
  • Measure the outcomes and if it achieves the goal then you’re good and set to be an Amazon Heavy Hitter
  • Low hanging fruit is converting search terms from your search-term report
  • Seasonality is great and using keywords

Manual beats automation?

  • System automation still today can’t beat:
  • Looking at your negative keywords yourself periodically is great
  • Manually reviewing what other competitors are doing in the listings
  • Checking pricing on Amazon and reviewing their products – what’s going on the search pages compared to everyone else using your own eye can’t be replicated
  • Checking your full account data
  • Seasonality
  • Sales velocity
  • Stock on-hand
  • Price changes
  • All makes it easier when you look to make decisions on your account


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