Selling Off Amazon – Is It Worth The Hassle?

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Joe Reichsfeld works with thousands of SKUs and will try to convince Danny that this is worth the effort.

Chad Rubin is a unicorn with Skubana software and makes lots of sales off Amazon. Viral launch and Casey talking about working with many clients and can pin any of them that were once on Amazon and then going off Amazon and trying to make a dent in revenue numbers but it doesn’t work as well.

Danny will argue the that it’s not worth selling off Amazon.

  • Joe works with larger Enterprise businesses with lots of SKUs
  • Selling off AMZ is a mindset
  • People who were on Amazon and have been suspended and off don’t necessarily look at it the same way
  • Amazon ‘should’ be only a channel for your business not your whole business
  • Amazon is 43% of worldwide e-commerce
  • e-commerce is only 16% of total worldwide retail sales
  • Facebook has 7 times the users of Amazon – one in every 5 in the US
  • If you are advertising on Facebook but you’re only on Amazon then you’re alienating people if you don’t have a non-Amazon payment method

Shopify & Pinterest

  • Shopify is good and Joe is on Shopify but it’s not the answer for everybody when looking at selling off Amazon
  • Click-funnels can offer multiple payment methods – a small site solution
  • Moving forward it is to your advantage to have a Stripe account and things available to you for people off of Amazon that you’re driving traffic from
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing – 81% Female and 87% made a purchase from a Pin they saw

Selling off Amazon Traffic

  • Build your brand and drive your own traffic – don’t keep relying on Amazon
  • Don’t drive your traffic just to Amazon for 15% (you could get 4% elsewhere)

The Path for the Amazon Seller to go next

  • Been an AMZ seller for a few years,…
  • Once you start building Shopify, conversion optimisation and cart abandonment, writing content, running data to send in paid traffic, driving organic traffic
  • These are all different jobs that need to be done
  • But Amazon covers a lot of this for you

You’ve Sourced your Product for Amazon

  • You have researched for Amazon
  • Your product and conversion is tuned to AMazon
  • The Demand is on Amazon
  • The payment gateway, prime relationship is all with Amazon
  • You can use ‘sponsored ads’ as it’s like Fisher-Price and easy
  • But you can’t know how to use a sophisticated tool like Adwords and driving demand off-Amazon
  • They go build a Shopify store, make it look pretty but it’s not conversion optimised
  • You open the Shopify store and nothing comes of it

Seasoned Approach

  • Having a seasoned view to content management
  • Knowing about conversion optimisation
  • Building out funnels
  • Having a traffic strategy to drive traffic to your store
  • Knowing that this takes time and elbow grease to get it there is a big risk to people coming out of the soft-cuddly Amazon seller platform

NEED TO REALLY KNOW what’s involved

  • Agree you must have a way of selling off Amazon
  • You need to really know what’s involved in all these different steps
  • Lots to put together to get a return on investment
  • People will be lazy and put their new product out on Amazon rather than do all this work
  • They will think that it’s easier to go to Amazon

Where do your start with off-Amazon selling

  • Most Amazon sellers do not optimise and throw stuff up there and get lucky
  • A lot of Sellers should not try and move off-Amazon they should stay
  • The focussed sellers that are working hard at their business could do it

First stop after Amazon is Facebook

  • Facebook is the go-to place if you’re going off Amazon
  • It’s the next best and has lots of traffic and can drive sales
  • It’s about mastering FB advertising and finding the target
  • There’s so much data and so much information
  • FACEBOOK is to DATA what AMAZON is to traffic

Conversion Factors

  • It might take you a year to get upto 100 visits per day
  • Every 100 customers you might do 1 acquisition in Sales
  • The conversion rate on Amazon is far higher because of trust levels than your own website
  • Then you need to make sure you cart software is setup right, optimised for conversion
  • Cart abandonment issues need addressing
  • The right payment options and car option to pay

Right type of products

  • Have consumable goods as you only need to win the customer once and they’ll come back monthly
  • The cost of winning the new customer in the beginning is inherently high
  • So if you’re selling a spatula, the customer comes and goes again – cot of acquisition is important
  • Also, if you can manufacture it yourself and not sell on Amazon and be more competitive than the product being sold on Amazon then you have a chance
  • Having consumable goods that are higher quality and more competitive than anyone else you have a good chance at success

Not whole Shopify straight from Amazon

  • You need to have a business that you ‘take’ to Shopify
  • Test your path before going that route
  • Suggest take 30 mins a day and get an SEO guy to drive traffic
  • 150 ways to drive traffic – 30 mins 4 times a week to learn how to drive traffic
  • Build on-going traffic
  • Everyone wants to focus on ONE THING but it’s not a one-thing that makes a business but a lot of small things working together
  • Put a little bit of effort into lots of things and over time it builds solid steady traffic coming from many different channels
  • It’s difficult to juggle all this stuff and make it work

Go where the traffic is

  • There are channels like Facebook, Shopify, Snapchat etc that you can use for selling off Amazon
  • Market to people where they are
  • Not all people can be marketed to on Amazon, teenagers can be marketed to on Snapchat
  • Build a landing page and drive traffic to it to test the market (Leadpages with Ad-words running to it)
  • Adwords is good for general, Facebook is more Social
  • Clickfunnels is a good tool to test things with but pricey
  • Thrive Themes and a good developer on WordPress is great

Test your market first

  • Buy a domain and put up a landing page
  • Spend $50 on Adwords
  • Get a little help to setup the campaign (Adwords is more sophisticated that sponsored ads)
  • Put one product there and optimise it and learn from it
  • Learn if it’s relevant for you product
  • Test Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook, Pinterest and see what gets traction

Bottomless Rabbit holes

  • A lot of these platforms, Shopify stores, etc can be bottomless pits
  • Leverage things with very little investment to start
  • Google, Youtube, Blogger, there are lots of platform that are owned by Goole and Youtube and they rank more easily if you leverage them against themselves
  • Don’t go to Shopify and listen to all those Shopify courses that push it
  • Test things first and in the right place where your demographic is


  • Test it on multiple channels and with landing pages
  • Consumable goods are good for optimising customer acquisition costs
  • Learn what your channels is going to be
  • Use a WordPress developer if not lead pages
  • Get setup for $150
  • Work out the channel and pain points
  • Have a contact us form to communicate with your audience
  • One Metric: Can I make this item sell?
  • Adwords people are like $25 hour to tune in your ads strategy


  • Doing this will allow you to work out if your product / market fit to do off Amazon selling







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