Selling On Walmart For Amazon Sellers

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Anthony Lee is here talking about selling on Walmart the setup the benefits and how international sellers on Walmart are managing it

  • Been looking at Walmart for almost a year
  • Not where the bulk of traffic and sales come from
  • Taken a while for the Walmart platform to mature

Walmart Fulfilment

  • Walmart initially did not have Amazon fulfilment when selling on Walmart
  • But Walmart did not offer fulfilment – so had to find your own
  • Anthony then went and arranged a 3rd Party warehouse and fulfilment outside Walmart
  • Walmart did not want Amazon boxes being shipped to their customers
  • Not the path of least resistance for 3rd party sellers

Budget Buyers

  • Walmart is the ‘budget’ platform, remember this when selling on Walmart
  • Buyers are there looking for the deals every time
  • Outside of Amazon, Walmart is the platform that people go to as it is cheaper
  • Savvy on-line shoppers realised a long time ago that eBay was the budget option
  • Walmart and Amazon make it appear that you’re buying from them but it’s really a load of 3rd Party Sellers that are selling on Walmart doing the fulfilment
  • Walmart moving in on eBay’s territory – go to Amazon first and find the product but it’s too expensive, so then they go and look at Walmart
  • The growth on is pretty fast and growing month over month
  • It’s a platform that’s as easy to use as Amazon’s is

Selling Products

  • The same products are available on Walmart as they are on Amazon
  • Might be that 3rd party sellers have not caught on yet
  • Still biased towards big brands
  • Heavy skew in the ranking towards cheaper products – probably because they get most of the traffic/sales
  • Less ‘innovation’ geared – you wouldn’t post your Kickstarter here
  • Their banners are all big brands so more aligned with big brands
  • If you have a lower priced product it might be worth testing Walmart
  • Very much the budget image is you’re selling on

Signing Up

  • Very similar to Amazon
  • It was gated for a while, not sure if it’s fully open now
  • Usual info, business entity, bank
  • They use Payoneer account setup for you by Walmart but all setup by them
  • Deposits into Payoneer every two weeks
  • Walmart is 12-15% fees
  • No pick & pack as Walmart don’t do that for you
  • What % do Payoneer take? Amazon take 4% off the top for International Transfer
  • Currencies firms go for 2% down with multimillion sellers getting 0.4-0.2%

International Sellers

  • Lots of turbulence as Walmart don’t appear to be interested in that expansion as yet
  • Pretty clunky and way behind Amazon’s system
  • Don’t have promo-codes and only discount price that’s available to everybody
  • Only works on flat-files to start and then another upload to end it
  • Sellers keep hitting roadblocks and Walmart is not making it easy for us
  • For multi-channel this is another channel
  • Some of the biggest Amazon brands are on Walmart now and making 10-30% on Walmart

Setting Up

  • Listings and offers are setup in ‘Seller Center’ – Walmart’s version of ‘Seller Central’
  • You go in and add a product but it’s not very user friendly
  • Put a listing up with info that is very similar to Amazon
  • Title and Description with full WYSIWYG with HTML styling bullet points

Seller Support

  • Submit a support ticket – not as simple as Amazon – not a clear phone number or chat function
  • Just click and create a support ticket – takes 2 days to get back to you
  • They are there for little things not big techie things
  • They do price parity – if they find your product on another platform for a cheaper price and suppress your listing until you fix it
  • This is a clunky process and can be frustrating

Fees at Walmart

  • Appears to be straightforward
  • Most categories are similar to AMazon’s commissions of 15%
  • No Pick&Pack fees as they are not fulfilling – you are
  • You have to have another logistics company to handle your Walmart orders – a big challenge for Sellers
  • Hard to find fair-pricing and not have to pay the $300/month for small sellers
  • Other companies don’t charge the $300/month but the courier costs will need to be factored in
  • Shipping can get expensive – don’t realise how good you have it on Amazon
  • Shipping and delivery costs can cost a lot so beware



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