Soundbites From Seller Sessions Live

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I just wanted to say some final words about Seller Sessions Live at the weekend.

Thank you to the Speakers, my Team and the Amazing Attendees.

Some Hiccups along the way

  • Lanyards got stuck in Spain and almost did not make it with pens and pads – luckily they made it to the event with the help of some large wheelie cases via an Uber (and I lost lots of hair I can tell you)
  • Casey’s flight was delayed to the Saturday morning (He arrived 8am and had a couple of hours sleep before the show)
  • Steve Simonson was a superstar for flying coach to help sellers in the UK
  • Paul Rafelson taking the red eye over to help sellers (and a very generous guy)
  • On the day, it got stressful as the aircon was not turned on for the previous 6 months
  • Complete ‘school boy error’, that could have brought the whole show down
  • We got great feedback and have a list of improvements for next years show
  • I was really happy with all the speaker contributions and content
  • Along with my co-host Athena who did a fantastic job
  • Also Dan Ashburn did a great job of of co-hosting the panel and Ellis Whitehead got some amazing scoring on the feedback forms

Birthday Boy

  • Steve Simonson celebrated his birthday, he asked me not to embarrass him so we dragged him on stage at Seller Sessions Live and everyone sang happy birthday (he won’t thank me for that!)

After the Event – the community evening

  • The after networking was carnage. We had four main venues where a lot more people came than expected, spilling out on the streets outside with glorious sunshine.
  • The vibe was phenomenal and people where well oiled with cocktails and alike
  • Some disappeared for a top up fish and chips, whilst others went to watch the Champions League football (or Soccer as some attendees and Speakers called it!)
  • Then the groups split up and headed to the 2nd venue (Richard took) and then I took a group to the warehouse party.
  • You can imagine trying to guide dozens of lubricated sellers in Ubers was a bit of hard work.
  • On top of that I sneaked off after my fish and chips for a quick shower (my 3rd Costume Change of the day) and then thought it was a great idea to lay down for a couple of minutes – oops!
  • Then 45 minutes later and loads of missed calls! I woke up in a PANIC and had to get to the meeting point.
  • The warehouse party was fun but not everyone’s cuppa tea. But you have to try these things out and push the envelope!
  • I had a Triple A pass so I took Paul Rafelson into the DJ booth so he could catch the vibe from a DJ perspective
  • Richard moved the remaining sellers to the 24 hour venue from the second after party for food and drinks.
  • I met him there with Liran and a few others. Then we set up the Anthony Joshua fight on my Laptop on Pay Per View and tethered off Richard’s phone.
  • It was a near perfect 24 hours until Joshua lost.

So my main takeaways are

  • To summarise in three words:
    • Content
    • Community
    • Networking

Thank you to EVERYONE

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us, who was there on the day and those that supported on-line and those listening on Seller Sessions.

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