Still Having Issues Editing Your Title or Listing?

Anthony joins about editing your title for your listing

  • Listing does not belong to the Seller but it belongs to Amazon
  • Rules about who can make contributions and editing your title
  • Then it’s the Brand Owner – hence the Brand Owner
  • Outside the brand owner and amazon then it’s the person who created the listing
  • Unless a hijacker with big selling history then they assume the higher level

Amazon made a change

  • Amazon forces changes that may be editing your title
  • Forcing the brand name into the Title
  • Then you try to make a change and the listing and it doesn’t change even after hours
  • Sometimes Amazon switches off your ability to make contributions because ‘Amazon’ made the last change
  • You can try calling Seller Support who sometimes ask for proof before changing anything!

Fix it by…

  • Create your own website (show web presence)
  • Danny uses Strikingly to host his sites
  • Create a page – mimic your Amazon listing layout with images and title, bullet and description
  • Exactly how you want your page to be on Amazon set your web presence up this way
  • This means you are the Manufacturer and hence you have the website
  • Raise a ticket on Amazon
  • Anthony prefers to speak to Amazon
  • When he gets someone on the phone and says I tried to change the listing but it didn’t work
  • They sometimes explain Amazon made a change, or sometimes play dumb
  • Explain that you tried to make a change to match the manufacturers info and the listing is now wrong
  • Amazon is obliged to ensure it matches the manufacturer’s listing
  • Because you can give them the manufacturers website they can see it needs to match
  • They push through your change and it releases back your contribution changes

Don’t say Brand Owner

  • Don’t say you are the brand owner
  • Gotta be the Manufacturer as Amazon can’t argue with that
  • Seller Support are obliged to make it reflect the manufacturer description

Brand Name in Tag Line

  • Brand name kept getting pushed to the front of his title
  • If you have a long brand name…will it get pushed to the front?
  • He tested it and put XYZ widgets and added a tag line
  • By adding the tag line – Amazon pushed his brand to the end of the Title
  • He then tried making it longer and Amazon saw this and stopped trying to add the brand name into the tagline


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