The Ad That Amazon Sellers Are Unhappy About

Izzy Benoliel joins us to talk about why Amazon Sellers are Unhappy. It revolves around an Ad and a Post, the latter being where Izzy shared an Ad he saw where Amazon got in the middle between the advertiser and the potential buyer in a paid ad and with their own competing product no less.

  • So Amazon is putting ads in front of paid for Seller ads
  • Izzi was looking at one of the virtual summits pages and saw a nested natural supplement supplier
  • Looked up nest naturals and found Luna
  • Was lying in bed and clicked on the product and saw the popup ad
  • Noticed it was a ‘sponsored ad’ and got angry that this popup appeared on a paid for click
  • That Seller is expecting to get value for their click and a page impression and a chance of a sale
  • This extra popup placed in this flow is not what was agreed or expected and is the reason why sellers are unhappy
  • When you give them advertising dollars you expect them to advertise your product, not other products and not interfering in between with their own products
  • Amazon is being slippery in acting as ad agency, service platform and logistics partner and now your competitor as well!Are

Frequency of Abuse

  • How frequently does this popup appear on every single branded search for that product with a half-price product on every click
  • Will all other ads that they are bidding for also run this popup?
  • Only way to tell is that you have to sit-down and click through these ads
  • There is no way to track this currently – and any advertiser would want to
  • Are sales declining because of this? Not sure but Sellers are Unhappy

Amazon Advertising Team make changes

  • Amazon makes changes to everything, FBA fees, Referral fees, etc
  • They’ve been getting better at informing people of what changes are coming
  • The private label teams and advertising teams in Amazon are just making changes without communicating and ignoring their customers – us Sellers as we are their customers and sellers are unhappy with this state of affairs
  • Danny has advised the Amazon Product team he deals with that the best thing is for them to do is to build trust with FBA sellers

This Post has gone Viral in FBA Community

  • Gone Viral as people care about this issue
  • Likes at 666
  • An additional LinkedIn post with 30k views

Not Getting what you paid for

  • Amazon are not giving you what you paid for
  • It’s the expectation problem and damage to trust
  • The advertiser was not made aware when they spent their Advertising dollars that Amazon was putting their own product in their advertising stream
  • Being compared to Retail behaviour where ‘own brands’ are placed right next to Branded products on the shelves
  • But this is more like Amazon interfering with the direction the customer is taking

The Power is in Consumers not Sellers

  • The real power is in the consumer
  • Amazon recognised this early on
  • This recognition is driving the behaviour at Amazon
  • They know Sellers don’t have or affect that power and so Amazon can abuse them with no comeback
  • A Seller has no-where to go
  • This abuse is unhealthy and has to change
  • For the advertising business to continue to grow and Sellers and AMazon to grow together they need to build trust

Amazon Needs more Communication

  • Amazon works in Silos and one side could not know the impact of their change on another
  • Usually when things get to mainstream media Amazon start to listen and change things
  • Amazon does not have a platform for Sellers to speak up
  • More communication is needed with Advertisers and Sellers


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