TV Ads for Amazon Sellers

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Darren from Vendo is with us talking through TV Ads for Amazon Sellers, the tools, the approaches and how successful it can be. Counterfeits and Chinese Sellers are covered along with how to test as seen on TV ads on a shoestring

  • Chief Amazon Officer at Vendo to protect your brand and sell more 60 clients on 3 Marketplaces

As Seen on TV

  • Like QVC
  • Direct response TV – advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company
  • Brand can directly market to consumers – used to be mail catalogues
  • Billions in revenue annually
  • Two versions of the commercial (long-form 28mins and short-form 2mins or less) relevant as TV Ads for Amazon Sellers

Long Form Ads

  • Features an expert in the field
  • Supplements ads might have a Doctor pushing the benefits, studies, tests, trials, maybe a celebrity saying how good it is with an audience in the background supporting the miracle pills
  • An element of snake-oil salesmanship in some products
  • Other products have done really well and had honest reviews back off customers that Vendo have worked with
  • Production with an audience etc – what do you pay for in the ad cost?
  • Guthy-Renkers – produce commercial with Tony Robbins, Cindy Crawford, etc
  • Some are $100k to produce, others can be quite cheap with your local cable network for a 30mins spot
  • Not heavily produced and some look cheap but are very effective

Key Players

TV Monitoring Metrics

  • Adwords and Facebook have a plethora of metrics
  • TV data metrics is important
  • drmetrix is what Vendo use to measure airings, channel, lengths, links to the ads and many more
  • A main platform used by companies to monitor
  • Our Experience
  • TV still works in a big way
  • Parent company helps Walmart and seen on tv with a single SKU are doing millions with one product in Dec alone
  • Translated this success onto Amazon to produce $2-5m in 4-6wks

Seven Figure Sellers – Use TV ads for Amazon Sellers

  • Facebook Ads with video is working well and as little as an iPhone to shoot videos for ‘as seen on TV’ ads
  • Paid search on Google
  • Contact your local cable networks with obscure channels and get a cheap slot to test it out – $5-10k cost for TV Ads for Amazon Sellers
  • Amazon is a larger channel for some of the traditional As Seen on TV brands
  • As seen on TV and Sold on Amazon is a great marriage for brands
  • Without the “as seen on tv” traffic going into Vendor Central accounts can’t leverage this


  • Big problem for the “as seen on tv” world
  • Chinese factories were selling their products on Alibaba to Rogue Sellers in advance of the product release
  • 4-5 Sellers files a suit against Amazon on this
  • Using the transparency programme to combat this via brand gating – only products with Transparency label can be listed on amazon

Run a Test for ‘as Seen on TV’

  • Authentic video is the best – not overly produced (you can tell when someone is faking)
  • Use an iPhone camera and some locations and editing software
  • Finding the right placement for the content is the real work
  • Test TV in a small form and Podcast advertising – depends on the podcast
  • Manychat is also a form of direct marketing
  • Podcast, Radio, TV is not dead – take a look at it for selling on Amazon



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