What is AMG (Amazon Marketing Group)?

Liz Adamson is with us talking through the Amazon Marketing Group, jargon busting on AAP, DSP, AMG and CPM.

  • Been helping Sellers since 2011

Branded by Amazon

  • AMG – Amazon Media Group ran programmatic display advertising ads you see when visiting other websites and an Amazon ad pops up
  • AAP – the platform that AMG used
  • Everything now under the umbrella “Amazon Advertising” – sponsored product ads, headline search, AMS and AMG
  • AAP is now DSP – Demand Side Platform

Programmatic Display Advertising

  • CPM – cost per thousand (pay per impression)
  • Paying for $4 per 1,000 impressions seen across the internet
  • Shows ads on its own platforms (Amazon.com, Kindle)
  • Also uses brokers for ads like CNN and ESPN.com etc.

Who Manages this

  • Historically it was someone at AMG Amazon Marketing Group
  • They still offer this and they will manage ads for you
  • A 3rd Party agency with access to the DSP platform who can run these for you in place of the Amazon Marketing Group
  • Price Tier on minimum spend before you can get in
  • It can be very expensive and a waste of money in some people’s eyes
  • Some big brands are in for saturation
  • More expensive as in total dollars spent
  • Intent is very different through
  • Display advertising is more about brand awareness
  • Longer purchase cycle – not buying now but maybe next week or month as they recall your brand and are ready to purchase

Return on Ad Spend (ROaS)

  • Minimum spend would be $15k per campaign per month
  • Recommended would be $35-45k per month
  • Measured in RoAS – Return on Ad Spend
  • At start will be breakeven
  • Overtime you can get to $4 per $1 spend return
  • Only if you get the data there to harness it

Targeting Options

  • Try different options and refine until you optimise and get the return you’re after
  • Simple re-targeting ads – like the beta on Seller Central
  • Re-target any customer that has visited yours or a competitor product and serve the ad as they leave the Amazon site
  • Highest returns as they are ready to buy at this stage
  • In-market and Lifestyle marketing
  • In-Market ads
    • Interested customers that are looking for mattresses say or bed-sheets, etc
    • They have a history of browsing for this product or category
    • Amazon sees the pattern and lumps them into an In-Market and serves your ads to them
  • Lifestyle ads
    • Targeting people with an “active lifestyle”
    • Then you can target those too
  • Look-alike audience is there too
  • Warning bells in this
  • Similar to Facebook audiences too
  • It does perform in our testing but not extensively tested
  • Also options for website pixel options – you can negatively target this as well

Tracking & Control

  • DSP dashboard has 130 different metrics bit more than Seller Central campaign manager
  • Decide on your goals
  • Track impressions to confirm
  • Click Through Rate is about 0.4% which is great and correlate with Sales
  • Total Product Sales versus total Amazon sales
  • What % of AMG sales are of Total Sales growth

Halo Effect

  • Impact of on-platform from external traffic
  • A shift in April this year
  • If someone clicked on a display ad and came into Amazon it was duplicating sales across product display ad and sponsored product ad showing the sale
  • Now that is de-deduplicated you can see that display ads pull them in and they may not buy that week but they do later and it shows them
  • Display ads are top of funnel and pulling them in
  • Ezra Firestone says there are 7-8 touch-points before you get that sale sometimes
  • Sounds like a good dashboard to let you dial-in your campaigns
  • A big commitment to get through this large monthly spend to tune-in your campaigns – client must be looking strategically at this investment

Tie-in with Sponsored, Headline and AMS

  • Run all these together to move customers down the sales funnel
  • Constant visibility on sponsored, search pages, headline search, click through to product page, AMS ad with product page ad and appear in sponsored ads as you scroll down the product page
  • Like a saturation approach but could be quite expensive – need cost per click right
  • Balance between product visibility and refinement of targeting the right audience with the right keywords to bring in real customers and not window shoppers for conversion
  • Not bidding more than you can spend and targeting the right keywords
  • Some brands can take 7 impressions across multiple platforms in todays info overload age
  • Also possible to run dynamic ads with dynamic content
  • Got to have campaign goals in mind when you launch these things


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