Working With Famous Influencers For Your Amazon Business

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Emma Usher runs an agency for Influencers and celebrity marketing and runs us through the minefield that is marketing with Influencers, don’t ask ‘how much’ but open a conversation and Emma’s access to their feeds, stats like and dislikes will help you get an authentic campaign.

  • Agency called Run Ragged
  • Hook celebrities up with brands for Product endorsement, events and media campaigns
  • Pride in getting the right ‘fit’ for the right price and right campaign


  • Go to Youtube and seek someone
  • Get them to ‘unbox’ the product on video\Manual process to find an influencer
  • Emma does TV and Radio A List celebrities too

Reputation Management

  • Social media has micro and macro influencers
  • Seller can search for people that ‘think’ they are a good fit
  • But going deep on their look and feel and the message and voice they use over time (go back over years for brands), check back in time on the influencers feed
  • No conflict with your brand and brand imaging
  • Any words used that are not good
  • Worked with rival brand
  • Lose authenticity of the relationship
  • Need more on personality and relationship with the brand

Words not to Use

  • Brands give Emma words and don’t want certain ‘words’ to have ever been used
  • Emma goes back and checks tweets etc.

Genuine Relationships – Ed Sheeran

  • Relationships need to be genuine and people need to believe the influencer does use the product
  • Does that person use that product
  • Ed Sheeran is a huge Heinz ketchup fan
  • He was humiliated in an Australian posh restaurant for asking for sauce
  • He loves the brand and even has a Heinz tattoo
  • Now does a TV ad for Heinz
  • He has tweeted about his use of Ketchup before
  • This is a genuine and authentic relationship with this brand
  • The brand is able to use Ed’s huge audience


  • The Micro-influencers
  • Some good little niches you can get involved in
  • If there’s a single ambassador in an area they can ratchet up their fees
  • There is no rate card for this area
  • When you ask people ‘what they cost’ the rate shoots up
  • Emma knows what the cost ‘should be’ and what others charge
  • If someone is ‘popular’ at a moment then they might command a bigger fee
  • Someone coming out of Love Island can charge more straight after but cheaper a year later


  • Seen social media posts fall flat where the influencer has not given any feeling that they believe what they are saying about a non-genuine post
  • Comments will give a lot of views on whether followers accept and follow the influencer’s recommendation
  • Negative comments give the track
  • A Harry Potter star did a post for de-tox tea – and it went down so badly as a blatant ‘paid for’ post his audience called him out and it made the national press for being so bad

Control over Copy

  • Is there a negotiation
  • Yes, if you’re paying you can target certain keywords in there
  • Always better to give them freedom to say it in their own words
  • Brooklyn Beckham did a paid-for post for BMW and he posted it word for word, including the instructions from BMW! He took it down 2mins later but people had noticed

How to Approach a Home & Kitchen product

  • Depend on budget as to the level of person you get
  • Might go for 10 micro-influencers or 1 celeb
  • Get them in their own environment – i.e. a Chef might be good for Home & Kitchen product
  • Content and ‘using’ the product is better than static shots of something
  • Video gets more views and engagement

Working over time with Influencers

  • Make up brands can do something every month in creating a new look using your products
  • Kitchen brand – he’ll cook stuff every two months which is new and fresh
  • Builds the audiences belief that the influencer uses it
  • Build a bank of influencers and get them to post regularly throughout the year

How to put Micro-Influencers Together

  • Content distribution across the group of influencers
  • Emma has access to what they like and don’t like, has lots of info on personal insights
  • Some agencies give you stats off influencers but driven off Algorithms
  • Emma’s agency has access to the Influencers ‘actual’ stats on their posts and engagement with them
  • Get 10 Micro-Influencers but with different audiences and followers so you’re getting 10 people AND 10 Different audiences
  • Takes 6-7 touchpoints for a Buyer to make a purchase
  • Mix the genres across so you’re not talking to the same people all the time
  • Lots of exciting things you can do – marketing in a different way