Your Guide To SellerCon

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A panel talking on SellerCon and the 2,000 people attending the event in Las Vegas with Brandon, Athena, Steve, Kevin and the gang. Some pre-conference chat and the standouts from the conference plus all the parties you need to know about and head along to.

  • Helium 10 party Thursday night at Sellercon
  • Saturday Ivelin has an OrangeHat event
  • Steve has a Private event
  • Athena is closing the event on Sunday


  • Helium 10 is 52nd floor of the Palms Casino for 400 people
  • VIP party bus is picking people up to the Ice Bar and then the Heart-attack grill then onto the Party
  • Started at 200 and now upto 400

Brandon – Friday

  • Go to TopGolf
  • Seems like the party is good as a break for your liver and not have to worry about an early morning finish
  • Hitting golf balls into targets – darts meets bowling meets golf – lots of fun
  • Good for networking – don’t need to do Golf but good networking events in the lounge
  • Room for 80-100 people

Steve – Secret Santa

  • MGM Suite
  • Come and hangout in a safe-zone (vow of silence before you get into it)
  • Pillow, pilates and yoga in a pillowed out room
  • Tea is the most-exciting drink 😉
  • Liquor for those that want it
  • From 6-9pm as a pre-meetup to the crazy stuff
  • Steve happy with the early shift and not being very tired Sunday morning

Kevin – Saturday

  • Ivelin at 5pm, Steve at 6pm
  • Amazing VIP from 9-11 and Hockeyzone club with Tiesto on from midnight to 3-4am
  • Private VIP booth with own private bathroom, bar, etc. – Kevin is in here

Athena on Sunday at Sellercon

  • Athena is hosting the after-party event
  • Also the Sellercon lunches are lunches – every day at noon for 90 minutes
  • Connect with people you haven’t met before
  • Event starting at 7pm with one of the most connected people in Vegas
  • Collected by business – very nice steakhouse restaurant
  • Not loud music and plenty of time to talk
  • Off to Chaos in Vegas – it’s huge and has private cabanas by the pool (lots of options)

Sellercon Standouts

  • Kevin is looking forward to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Mike McLeary from Amazing is a good one
  • Brandon is looking forward to Esra for chatbots and off-Amazon genius ideas for lowering cost of acquisition, Dan Ashburn os great too
  • Steve is keen on the technical front Rich Goldstein on Patents for defence as well as offense when necessary, John Maky (Wholefoods) and Sarah Blakely (Spanx) strategic views will be valuable
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