8 Figure Amazon Sellers On Winning Prestigious Awards

Chris and Nicole Parr returns to the show,  to talk on how you as Amazon sellers can market your business off Amazon, including how you can enter and win Awards for your business.


  • Chris and Nicole started way back in 2015 under one product
  • They have 40 products in 10 territories.
  • They have created branding of their product and have never gone down or traded in price.
  • They outsource other aspects of the business but the core team is a two-man/woman team.


  • Marketing, press and more exposures.
  • They choose the biggest awards in UK and apply for the best SMEs awards.
  • They are now preparing to trade online.

Applying for Awards

  • Gold for SMEs and Silver for customer-centric organization
    • Different presentation for each one
  •  You have to go through application process: presentations, dossiers, and interviews
  • Awards must be high quality.

Running and maintaining the business

  • ClickUp and Groove HQ, Slack, and other tools.
  • What is working, what is not working — monthly reviews on portfolio.
    • Review on everything in the business.
  • Find your strengths, check out Steve Simonson’s Gallup Strengths Leadership. Check out this Spotify Episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4LpNT4k7e2Ul6zZXKLruLm
  • They are currently hiring in EU to scale the business: Product Manager connect via contacts below.
  • Key thing in the business: virtual team and sticking to the process and changing some to scale up the business.


  • You can also monetize building your business when you decide to cash it in.
  • Track everything and do an analysis of what are your targets and how to achieve those targets like adding product.
  • Chris and Nicole built their business organically without resorting to loans. Which is a remarkable success in an Amazon Business
  • 2020 Predictions:  The industry is getting tougher. There are more copycats so we have to fight more to protect products, more blackhatting, advertising costs going up.
  • Advice: Keep your head down! Mind your own business and focus on your brand!
  • Choosing and selecting products
  • Turning focus to high value products
  • Account was shutdown after joining the program
    • You pay for premium hands on reports and service
    • Product expansion reports
  • Blackhats? Listing copies – we get our listings trademarked

External Traffic?

  • Main focus: Still Amazon
  • Blog posts, more FB advertising
  • Google ads, Youtube ads and exploring more.
  • Press releases with Norm Farrar’s help: Email him at norm@prreach.com

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