Did Amazon lose my stock and then sold it on?

Ben Leonard sells from the UK to Europe and has been about 2 years on Amazon. With 9-10 SKUs and more on the way.

Ben’s stock went missing and was sold off…

  • Summer 2016 new product launched
  • Heading out on Honeymoon when he got notified of the product being pulled for a safety issue
  • But the product is 110% safe!?!
  • Ben went back and asked for more info on the issue

The Seller

  • They sent him what the customer had said
  • Ben was able to tell that the customer had not read the instructions and had broken the product
  • Even when broken it was still not unsafe!


  • This was Ben’s first suspension on a product
  • He reached out on Facebook and Danny replied!
  • He suggested doing a removal order which worked as part of Ben’s plan of action
  • The plan of action talks of what happened, how it happened and what he’s doing to make sure it can’t happen again
  • Meanwhile Ben’s waiting for the 600 units of his stock to arrive
  • Only 10% made and time went on…

Escalated in Amazon

  • Finally he got it escalated and got to speak to the Captive team in South Africa
  • They admitted they and their courier had lost his stock
  • They compensated him but not at a high rate

The Stock re-appeared

  • Almost forgotten about it but a year later…
  • there was a hijacker on his listing
  • Ben sent a cease and desist letter
  • He even went and bought all their stock
  • Got a message back from a UK seller saying it was legitimate stock
  • Turned out they had bought the stock at a lost in transit auction
  • Amazon and courier lost the stock and it then got sold off to a 3rd party

Shady Seller

  • This stock was now being sold and undercutting Ben
  • This is discontinued stock and so shouldn’t be sold following the safety question, Ben had discontinued it
  • Ben told the seller that he’s selling a discontinued product that had a safety complaint
  • If he continues to sell it – Ben would go down the public safety lines of authority
  • This scared them off but they might pop up on eBay
  • Why didn’t Amazon or the courier get in touch with Ben (the brand was all over it)
  • Seems pretty dodgy – undercutting independent brands

Amazon response

  • The account manager at Amazon was useless
  • In PAN-EU now which is good for Ben but he had very little help with this problem
  • Emailed all the evidence and cases to Amazon and heard nothing back
  • That person has stopped selling his listing and so just moving on
  • How do we get better support from Amazon?