Sourcing Your Amazon Products From India

Mehgla is with us giving an insight to sourcing from India for Amazon Sellers. We cover the benefit of not sourcing from China, the similarities and differences in sourcing from India and we cover trade shows and sourcing councils that can help in exporting products.

  • Been in sourcing for 19 years in India, China
  • Shenzen for 9 years
  • Organising the Global sources summit
  • Started own sourcing company

Sourcing to Avoid Trump Tariffs

  • Notably India for sourcing
  • Avoids trump tariffs
  • India and Pakistan are being talked about with the Trump tax

India vs China

  • Most product categories relevant for Amazon Sellers – smaller and less automated than Chinese factories
  • Mostly small and mid-sized products that are mostly hand-made
  • In China you can get everything manufactured
  • India specialises in certain product categories
  • Most India products are natural materials – leather, cotton, etc
  • Language is smoother – most suppliers speak English, in China English levels are different
  • China uses ‘middle men’ to communicate with Factories

Unique Hand Made in India

  • Very unique designs coming out of India
  • Styles that are very specific to India
  • Each state has it’s own style, wood carving, fabrics
  • Products are eye catching and attractive – good for thumb stopping on Amazon
  • Command higher prices as they are hand made – can be more profitable

Quality Consistency

  • Consistency and scaling in hand made is not possible
  • Inspection companies in India and pre-shipment inspection will help with consistency
  • Buyers expect this for hand made products

Move Manufacturing

  • Depends on Product Category
  • Then find suppliers in India
  • Product costings check if it’s more competitive to Source from India
  • Wood and Leather products moving to India for better quality and competitive pricing

Specialisms in Provinces

  • Clothing is a competitive category in India
  • Cotton, Silk, Wool is competitive
  • Knitted and woven are good
  • Large factories in South India from Chenai for garment manufacture
  • Moradabad in Northern India for brass and metal products manufacture

Sourcing Process

  • Finding suppliers in India:
    • globalsources and Alibaba for China but also India
    • Filter by Supplier location
  • Indiamart website is a local version of Alibaba for sourcing from India – be cautious and do due diligence for export experience
  • Export promotion Councils – government organisations tasked with increasing exports in their specialist areas
  • Search for the relevant council for your product and send an email
  • They are usually willing to help but can be slow to reply
  • Major trade shows:
    • Indian Handicraft and Gifts faire held in Delhi and export focussed (Biggest export faire)
    • Homeware Fair in Mumbai – also cater to domestic market not just export
    • Leather, Jewelry and Home Products faires but smaller

Negotiating and Cultural

  • Relationships are really important as in China
  • Better terms nad pricing, more responsive to emails
  • Might prioritise your orders
  • Indian suppliers don’t say no directly – they say YES and then find a way to figure it out

The Trip in October

  • A 7 day trip to the Indian Handicraft and Gifts Faire
  • Learning, Sourcing and Cultural Trip
  • A visit to the show
  • A One day conference on Sourcing from India, find and negotiate with suppliers, overview of Apparel manufacturing
  • Factory visit on one day as well
  • Cultural programme in Hotel Ballroom with dance
  • Going to Taj Mahal as well – seven wonders of the World
  • Tools and connections to source any products from India

Global Sources Summit


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