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Soundbites From Seller Sessions Live

I just wanted to say some final words about seller sessions live at the weekend. Thank you to the speakers, my team and the amazing attendees. To summarise in three words ‘Content’, ‘Community’,’Networking’ – thanks.

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7 Figure Amazon Seller Justin Dyson

Justin Dyson is a 7 figure amazon seller who started in phone cases and now in baby. We cover the challenges of growing a team to ensure the business can flourish and how Walmart is now like Amazon 5-10 years ago, easy to rank but clunky.

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7 Figure Amazon Seller Keith Mander

Keith Mander talks about being a 7 figure Amazon Seller from earning all about Amazon in Bali with a friend and a group in a co-working space who have all gone on to great success. We cover software and making your own can cover all your needs plus the new trend on chat bots for automation.

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8 Figure Amazon Seller Steve Simonson

Steve Simonson is with us talking about the trump tariffs, his ideas around negotiating with suppliers and how mitigating against the on-going USA and China trade war has helped his business weather this storm.

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In-Depth with Paul Harvey

We go in-depth with Paul Harvey talking through his Amazon successes and failures, the move from a successful cagefighter and how that prepared him for teaching in public and private schools in South Africa nad the UK, plus his love for Gorilla Suits.

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7, 8 & 9 Figure Chinese Sellers At Scale

Michael Hartman is back from his trip to China investigating how the Chinese Sellers are dominating on Amazon, from their marketing level to the tools used and how they structure. Impressed with modern Shenzen and intimidated by the numbers of people in floors of buildings with 15-20 nine-figure businesses in Shenzen alone.

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Are Rebates within Amazon TOS?

Anthony Lee is with us talking about rebates, the protocol behind it and whether they are against ToS or not. We talk through the dictionary definition and how Sellers have stretched it. Plus why Anthony believes it is a positive for Amazon, Sellers and of course Buyers.

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