Are Rebates within Amazon TOS?

Anthony Lee is with us talking about rebates, the protocol behind it and whether they are against ToS or not. We talk through the dictionary definition and how Sellers have stretched it. Plus why Anthony believes it is a positive for Amazon, Sellers and of course Buyers.

In-depth With Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee is in-depth on his background and what has got him to the success he enjoys today. We talk through humble beginnings and eating hurricane relief box food rations for lunch, no money for hot water to bathe his daughter and the seedlings of Zonblast and the achievement in formulating Slingshot.

GURU Bashing

Danny is joined by Anthony Lee, Brandon Young and Liran Hirschkorn in an open discussion about GURU bashing and how the laudable goal of highlighting bad practice and even fraudulent behaviour might lead to toxicity or maybe backfire on you and your integrity. Is the sacrifice worth the risk…